Your Estate

Your solicitor, an adviser who helps you to manage your assets

The difficulties associated with the management and transfer of assets, whether they belong to an individual or legal entity, are not always in direct proportion to their size. Many factors such as the family environment, tax issues or economical, legal and psychological considerations are likely to affect the option to be chosen.

The solicitor’s first task is to understand the owner’s intent before checking whether it is compatible with his family, tax and social situation. At the time of choosing the option (called “l’arbitrage” i.e. “the arbitration”), the solicitor will analyze his client’s project from every angle, including the economical, social, tax and family viewpoints.

Just like family matters, the management of personal assets is dependent to a large extent on emotional considerations. In this context, your solicitor, a specialist in Family Law, will be pleased to put his skills at your disposal.


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